Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Society cover fronts as Best Dressed Too. Sometimes.

The Society cover page doubles as our monthly pick of best dressed too. eg these fine folks who made the page.

Prestige Hong Kong. 

 Gigi Hadid in Versace at The Met Gala

 Kiko in Dior at Cannes Film Festival

 Penelope Cruz in Chaenl, at Cannes Film Festival 

 Shu Qi wearing Valentino Fall 2018 at Bvlgari

Chadwick Boseman in Versace at the Met Gala

Monday, 18 June 2018

Behind the Scenes: Avni Jhunjhnuwala

Canine Companion

It may come as no surprise, but we are easily distracted during a shoot. Throw a kitten or dog into the proceedings and work pretty much comes to a standstill. So between shots for our First Person page, as Dino Busch tried to find just the right angle of reflective light, who should come ambling into the frame but the Jhunjhnuwalas’ little munchkin Sparkle? The Yorkshire terrier really wanted to take part, but, averse to strangers, refused to be manhandled by anyone but Avni. Lord knows, photographer Dino Busch tried his best to get a quick cuddle – but, for someone with such tiny legs, Sparkle sure could do a mad dash out of the picture. Not so dim, that little Sparky.

Check out my full chat with Avni at PrestigeOnline - here.

First Person: Jackie Au


“If you’re coming in here looking for drama, then I’m not the girl for you,” says Jacqueline Au, creative director of The Lab of Fairy Tales Bridal, indicating the exquisite collection of dresses hanging in her three-month-old showroom. “I offer something unique to brides on the biggest day of their life. If you’re looking for a big, poufy statement outfit, this is not the place for you.” Duly noted.

Au studied politics and graduated from the London School of Economics with a degree in international relations, and went on to do her Masters “even though I knew I wanted to be in fashion”. Her CV boasts stints at Gucci, Céline and Lane Crawford. Did her education inform her career?

“Most definitely. I’m very straightforward. I had my first interview at Gucci, and my boss asked, ‘Why should I hire you? You don’t do any fashion.’ I said, fashion in the end is a business and I have that analytical side for you and I love fashion so I’m the best person you can hire.” She was hired on the spot.

She went on to Lane Crawford and then Céline, where she had time to breathe and think, while simultaneously preparing for her own wedding. “Fashion in Hong Kong is in line with all the capitals – except in bridal. Here, it’s very dated. Even the set-up, the way they sell you the gown, is very much like, ‘Say yes to the dress!’ – very stuck in the ’80s. Every day we’re wearing, Haider, Givenchy, Céline – and on your wedding day, you’re wearing a cupcake!”

Her boutique stands in defiance of that confectionery trend and you’ll find yourself mesmerised by the gossamer gowns, the elegant silhouettes and the finesse of her finely curated collection. “My job defines me. I have the privilege of saying that.”


We Were Working in the Lab...

Held up in Central’s congested arteries, the crew arrived late at Jacqueline Au’s studio. We felt so grubby and under-dressed … and common as muck. Au’s studio – The Lab of Fairy Tales Bridal – is as chic as she is. In our (not even designer) denims, we felt unworthy. But while Au had her make-up done we had a fantastic, informed and informative chat, as photographer Ruby Law set up an entire set behind our backs. When the shoot started, within minutes we had “the shot”, but kept clicking away anyway as our lovely subject changed outfits, whirling and twirling for the portrait. Check out our chat on page 10.

Published in Prestige Hong Kong, January 2018

Sunday, 10 June 2018


Even our outtakes are amazing! The awesome work of Cheuk Yin To, Ruby Law, Olivier Yoan, Dino Busch - the people I work with the most, my amazing photographers.

And these lovely people as subjects; Kenta Sakurai, Avni Jhunjhnuwala, Utah Lee and Loui Lim.

Sunday, 3 June 2018

Bow Wow: Shooting dancer David Klar

Bow wow

Truth be told, the main reason we stalked David Klar’s Instagram (@davidjklar) has nothing to do with him or his proficiency as a dancer. He has one of the most beautiful Samoyed dogs we’ve ever seen – a white ball of fluffiness that strikes poses as adeptly as his master. When pressed, Klar promised to bring along Parco – the Siberian Samoyed, who was a rescue – to the shoot. “People pay thousands of dollars for dogs like him – and I found him in a kennel, a small dirty, playful little thing,” he recollects. “With a lot of TLC (and frequent trips to the groomers) he’s just the best bloke.” At our ghetto-fab makeshift studio in the street, he was also the best behaved. The same cannot be said of this crew. 

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Thursday, 8 February 2018

Interview and shoot with Edwin Chuang

Portraits by Olivier Yoan

Check out my chat with young tycoon in the making Edwin Chuang at PrestigeOnline

Get Fighting Fit

Douglas Pieterse, from R3 gym, reveals how he lost 15kg in two months and how to get back into shape after Christmas.

Check out my chat and shoot with Mr Works Out at PrestigeOnline.