Wednesday, 10 January 2018

First Person

My favourite column to write and shoot. Discovered new talent, gorgeous photographer Ruby Law who did the portraits of Jacqueline Au and Utah Lee (below!). 

All portraits below by Olivier Yoan. 

Sunday, 26 November 2017

BTS of a Cover Shot

We had 10 mins to pull this off as it was shot in a busy area - but it ended up being one of the best covers in the history of Galaxy magazine. Chaos + creatives = awesome sauce! =0) All credit to the awesome crew. Esp Masha Gu who rocked the cover.

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Made in Hong Kong: Wilfred Jing Huang

Outfit: Versace
Outfit: Hermes

Was great to catch up with an early discovery of ours at Burda, Wilfred H. Olivier shot him for a cover shoot for Galaxy magazine. He's truly gone from strength to strength!

This HK Model Is Taking Milan By Storm

In a hybrid city, where old meets new and East meets West, a local lad rocks the best of this season’s menswear.
See the full feature and gallery of images here. 

Sunday, 12 November 2017

Cover Story: Megan Fox

So I had a long, long chat with... 'the' Megan Fox. Check out my cover story with Prestige Hong Kong at PrestigeOnline.

Monday, 12 June 2017

Confessions of a Social Whor... Busy Bee

Find out what star-studded parties and VIP get-togethers you missed in the Fragrant Harbour over the last seven days, and get a sneak peek of what we've got coming up.

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Lunch with Lindy, Uncensored

Words: P.Ramakrishnan

One rain dripped Friday afternoon, the fine folks at Swarovksi hosted a luncheon with the perfectly sunny Lindy Hemming, following a BAFTA Masterclass where the Academy Award winning Costume Designer, chatted about the art, the business, the stars and stripes.

As the woman behind the seams of several James Bond films, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, as well as Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy, this is a lady who has seen the best – and worst – of temperamental, fragile, gifted, insecure, brilliant, bossy and assured actors.  Sometimes, all of the aforementioned in one package (“Jack Nicholson!”)

With the proliferation of political correctness corroding the fine art of a spicey interview, an unpretentious and uncensored chat with Hemming followed. For the record, this was pre, and post tumblers of the finest red wine hoisted upon us by the fine folks at The Peninsula, followed by a faultless lunch that one is now accustomed with at Gaddi’s. “This glass is far too big – its just an accident waiting to happen isn’t it?” she asked soon after we were escorted into a private room.

Lols with Lindy
Between courses and amuse-bouches, she kept the collected audience of editors dreadfully amused and did not plead the fifth when questions were asked of a (mildly) indelicate kind.

Straight off the bat, someone asked who she’d rather not work with again. “Russell Crowe,” she said without batting an eye. “It was all just awful. And I’m not so sure about, what’s-his-name Seth [McFarlane - of Family Guy]. I find his films terrible. Ted was awful! I’ve wanted to work on a Western – which would be great fun – but no one makes those any more really. McFarlane did [A Million Ways to Die in the West, a critical flop but a box-office smash] but I couldn’t bear any of it.”

Who was surprisingly lovely? “Christian Bale!“ As jaws drop (Bale’s infamous raging rant on a movie set that was leaked online made him the definitive enfant terrible of ego-maniacal movie stars). “One incident does not define a character. We all have that one awful day – I’d be arrested for things I’ve said! He’s perfectly wonderful to work with, a fine gentleman.”

One of the surprising questions that arose often from fans of Batman was regarding not the costume of the titular character, but a hat worn by Catwoman ie Anne Hathaway. “Oh we found it in an old shop and we altered it with a bit of fabric and a few snips here and there. As in most superhero movies, it’s all about covering the face and not letting one on – so we had to twist and turn that thing to cover as much of lovely Anne as we could.”

And is she as saccharine as she appears? “Oh, such a lovely, sweet, sweet girl.”

Working in a movie franchise also meant collaborating with other designers and a costume that’s already in the subconscious of its fanatical following. “Well, the thing about designing Wonderwoman’s costume of course was that, well, its sort of already been designed. There’s already a template – the challenge was to showcase how the costume came about. I hadn’t worked with other designers before so this was a new experience. Was pretty good.”

Working with multiple Oscar-winner Jack Nichlson came with unexpected challenges as he didn’t want to meet the designer prior to the film’s shoot. “’Just give me what to wear and I’ll wear the damn thing’ he said, but of course before the movie begins, you’ve got to work with the actors, create a backstory – well I always do – as to why the person is who they are, and let the costume develop from there. But he – one of the greats of course – didn’t want to. But finally he was convinced and I met him – and he was wonderful. But, he just didn’t understand why I wanted to see him at his home. It was on a film that no one saw either by the way!”

When asked, as I would, if she’d ever work in a Bollywood film, she exclaimed, “Most definitely. All those gorgeous colours! And to bring it to life in a musical which is so rare in Hollywood these days. Two of my dearest designer friends are in Mumbai – Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla – and I’ve used several of their pieces in films and on red carpet. Dame Judi Dench is a great fan of their embroidered work. So one dinner, a while ago in Mumbai, I met this young film producer and I broached the subject. Charming fellow – Karan [Johar]. But he sort of swept me away. Was all too dismissive so I sort of gave up – but if you know of anyone interested in working – do send them my details.”

We will.

For more with Lindy Hemming, pick up a copy of the July issue of Prestige HK 

Monday, 8 May 2017

First Person

One of the great pleasures of the gig at Prestige Hong Kong is the column First Person.

We launched this a year ago as we buried instaglam - a logistic headache to curate - and replaced it with this snap and chat. It's been a genuine thrill to talk to and do the portraiture of the bright young sparks that illuminate Hong Kong society in their own unique way.

In no particular order, I've had the pleasure of spending a day with these fine folks, get to know them a little better and figure out what makes them tick; Harris Chan, Pearl Shek, Ning Lau, Kayla Wong, Arthur de Villepin, Pirate! (Tanya B), Jess Jann (new bff!), Mayao, Payal Shah, Orlando Ho and most recently, Lucia Tate Tolani.

You can read up on all of them at PrestigeOnline.

Now even I, with the size of my (alter-) ego, am fully aware, the reason this column has been such a big hit is because of the two people I collaborate with the most; photographers Olivier Yoan and Dino Busch. The 20-something talents have helped me raise my game - the words have had to measure up to their picture perfect portraits.  It has led to so many rewrites and edits. I'll change my words, but won't snip their pic to make room for the verbal calisthenics I like to exercise. See what I did there?! yeah.

I bitterly resent the fact they no longer live in the 'Kong and I juggle my timetable incessantly to suit their mercurial jet-setting ones. 

Behind the scenes - and camera, Olivier Yoan

Behind the scenes - and camera, Dino Busch