Friday, 26 August 2016

A Romance in Style

For a Throwback Thursday, a shoot we did for Galaxy magazine in the Spring of 2015!

With a perennial favourite, photographer Olivier Yoan, art directed by Tasha Ling (ably assisted by Amber Choy - who we miss since she moved to China!), styled by Bhisan Rai, with makeup by Karen Yiu (there are literally odes to her in this blog!) and hair stylist Jean Tong.

We rarely repeat models but we did with gorgeous Amanda G and Wilson C.



Monday, 25 July 2016

When My Snapchat clips are of the cat and Randoms Ask...

...I mean yeah, but my cat's prettier. And funnier.

Yeah. So Deal With It.

When you get invited to the beach...

...but your body isn't swimsuit ready. And never has been. Since the pre-natal days I mean.

50 Shades...

There are so many kinds of 'shade'... Will let the divine Aishwarya Rai exemplify it.

Light Shade...
Heavy Shade.

Monday, 18 July 2016

When Someone Insults Me...

...or talks behind my back or casts aspersions (and basically calls me a kitten killer that eats innocent babies while trampling on wounded soldiers...)... I'm like... Meh.

...but when the bestie says something mildly prickly...

Saturday, 16 July 2016

Test Shoot with Lim Tse Wei and Linda Markova

From a while back, Linda, Alex and I hit the streets of Hong Kong. And we got some decent snaps out of the day.... And then we saw it on and lost our mind! whoaaa

On location, every tourist kept snapping away - the talents were completely unperturbed. I was... looking for shade. Good lord it was a hot day.

Images by Lim Tse Wei - 林子伟,
Model: Linda M

Thursday, 14 July 2016

Prestige HK's annual 40 under 40

We split the list among the writers in the office, and it was such a great pleasure to write about Oli'! In fact I loved writing about the batch of youngsters (and mildly resentful as I go bitterly into my middle age) who are, in their own ways, shaping, changing, improving Hong Kong in their unique ways and putting their stamp on the 852.

Out in the July issue NOW, see who made the cut of 40 under 40!

The entire list will be online next week (with pics!), but until then.... here's a snippet:

Olivier Yoan 

The French former model turned fashion photographer’s pictures transcend into the realms of fine art; there are some pictorials that unfold like contemporary oil paintings captured on camera, Yoan’s affinity for nature being his signature brushstroke. With campaigns (Calvin Klein, Mr. Porter, Marc Antoine Barrois, Kasane) and editorials (every leading title across Asia from Esquire, Elle, to cover shoots for Lifestyle, My Place and celebrity portraits for Prestige) galore, the self-taught intrepid artist is hopscotching Europe as we type these words, expanding his already formidable portfolio. If his directed and edited short video clips online are any indication, we foresee a movie (framed and lit perfectly) in the near-future.