Tuesday, 1 November 2016

When My Best Friend Would....

...hang out with other people and not me. I mean. I can't... even....

Man on the Dock: Jeremy Wong

Photography: Michelle Proctor (http://michellejproctorphotography.com/)

Wardrobe: Cos, AEO, Sergio Rossi shoes and accessories. 

First Person: These Fine Folks in Hong Kong!

One of the great joys of writing the column First Person is doing a quick portrait and asking the subject what they are passionate about. Usually conversation goes on for a while and upon playback, it gets distilled down to the essence of these fine characters.

Its been great fun collaborating with my favourite photographer Olivier Yoan, who has shot all but one in the series. Check out First Person in Prestige Hong Kong.

Read up at http://prestigeonline.com/hk/People/Personalities/Arthur-de-Villepin-talks-business-and-pleasure
Read up at http://prestigeonline.com/hk/People/Personalities/Ning-Lau-on-fashion-dolls-and-following-her-dreams
Read up on http://prestigeonline.com/hk/People/Personalities/Kayla-Wong-Goes-Basic
Read up at http://prestigeonline.com/hk/People/Personalities/Harris-Chan-talks-Moiselle-and-Michael-Jackson
Read up at http://prestigeonline.com/hk/People/Personalities/In-the-studio-with-Pirate

Sophisticated Sisters: My Place magazine shoot

A shoot with photographer Dino Busch, styled by Bhisan Rai with hair and make-up by Natasha Moor. Models, Linda Markova and Ana C.

Location, all around Pacific Place, Hong Kong.

Behind The Scenes: Making of a Magazine Shoot

Check out what goes on behind the scenes of a magazine shoot in Hong Kong.

Some of the clips are online at http://prestigeonline.com/hk/videos 

There are some random shots of me in between. I really need to work on my resting b**** face...

Friday, 26 August 2016

A Romance in Style

For a Throwback Thursday, a shoot we did for Galaxy magazine in the Spring of 2015!

With a perennial favourite, photographer Olivier Yoan, art directed by Tasha Ling (ably assisted by Amber Choy - who we miss since she moved to China!), styled by Bhisan Rai, with makeup by Karen Yiu (there are literally odes to her in this blog!) and hair stylist Jean Tong.

We rarely repeat models but we did with gorgeous Amanda G and Wilson C.



Monday, 25 July 2016

When My Snapchat clips are of the cat and Randoms Ask...

...I mean yeah, but my cat's prettier. And funnier.

Yeah. So Deal With It.