Thursday, 8 February 2018

Interview and shoot with Edwin Chuang

Portraits by Olivier Yoan

Check out my chat with young tycoon in the making Edwin Chuang at PrestigeOnline

Get Fighting Fit

Douglas Pieterse, from R3 gym, reveals how he lost 15kg in two months and how to get back into shape after Christmas.

Check out my chat and shoot with Mr Works Out at PrestigeOnline.

First Person: Diana D'Arenberg.

From chat to portrait, everything came out as envisioned. Feb issue of Prestige Hong Kong.

Prestige Runway cover shoot


Just the magic of Olivier Yoan again... 

Outtakes from our shoot with Hong Kong supermodel Wilfred

Wednesday, 7 February 2018


So this littl' column of mine - every month in Prestige Hong Kong, keeps me up at light. Quite literally. Event hopping around the 852...

My chat with Manish Malhotra, celebrity designer. Designer and celebrity!

My second chat with designer Manish Malhotra. Met him a decade ago, also in Hong Kong. A lot calmer, more collected now. Like his clothes, he's a lot more polished and perfect too. I love a great struggle to star story and his ascent into stardom is such.