Thursday, 26 January 2017

No abs, Kebabs

Truth be told, I'm extremely excited to go to my bestie's wedding. He of model origin, marrying yet female, also of model origin. (they are a different species to you and I).

Is manx (male equivalent of spanx) a viable option or should I just go ol' school and get a girdle?!

There's only so much a cummerbund can do...

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

We are Society... editors!

We. R. Society... Well,  purveyors of society.

Jimmy Wong (Hashtag Legend magazine), self (Prestige) and Kimberly Hu (HK Tatler) found ourselves plonked next to each other at a dinner at The Peninsula, for Johnnie Walker Blue Label. We exchanged many a note on the ones we keep notes on. And yes, we all have our favourites and the ones we wish bad service on. To put it mildly.

Meanwhile, how I covered the event:

Feel the Blues

Hours after the new American President-elect was announced, many of Hong Kong’s finest were seen and heard at Johnnie Walker Blue Label’s private dinner at The Peninsula Hong Kong’s Garden Suite. For some, it was a night of celebration, for others a night of commiseration. Fortunately there were cocktails for either emotion and we found Caroline Roberts, Sean Eav and Gigi Chao, Amanda Lui and many others having animated conversations. Inspired by the whisky’s chocolate hues, an innovative menu was created by The Peninsula to be paired with the Scotch. Delectable food met scintillating conversation as plates of duck liver with caramel chocolate and deep fried sardine fillet with white chocolate and seaweed sabayon were served to Raymond Chan, Kevin Chow, Vinci Wong, Brandon Wong and others. While the roasted pheasant breast with dark cacao five-spice sauce got the vote from some, the hearty glazed short rib with chocolate barbecue sauce trumped all.

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

When every aunty and uncle asks when I'm getting married...

...feel free to live your lives of quiet desperation. Mine's a loud jamboree. With cat.

I have a runny nose and headache...

... word.

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

When My Best Friend Would....

...hang out with other people and not me. I mean. I can't... even....

Man on the Dock: Jeremy Wong

Photography: Michelle Proctor (

Wardrobe: Cos, AEO, Sergio Rossi shoes and accessories. 

First Person: These Fine Folks in Hong Kong!

One of the great joys of writing the column First Person is doing a quick portrait and asking the subject what they are passionate about. Usually conversation goes on for a while and upon playback, it gets distilled down to the essence of these fine characters.

Its been great fun collaborating with my favourite photographer Olivier Yoan, who has shot all but one in the series. Check out First Person in Prestige Hong Kong.

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